Program Mission

The Kane Internship Program seeks to provide an educational, developmental, diverse, and enjoyable experience for students. We hope to provide a beneficial experience that will allow students the opportunity to work under the supervision of existing staff and receive hands-on training through various programs and projects within the North Hills property and company at-large. Kane internships give students opportunities to grow within their fields of expertise as well as expand their knowledge into other fields of interest.

Internship Positions

Kane offers internships each spring, summer, and fall/winter season. Internship positions are offered in the following departments:

  • Asset Management
  • Business Administration
  • Construction/Development
  • Finance
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Special Projects Management
  • Residential Management

*Number of positions and department participation varies season-to-season.

How to Apply

Kane interns care about the progress of North Hills, the community at-large, as well as their own developing careers and they represent some of the top talent in Raleigh’s higher education community.

If you are interested in applying for an internship with Kane Realty Corporation, we encourage you to email during one of the below application windows.

Season Internship Duration Application Window
Spring Jan – Apr Nov 1 – Dec 31
Summer May – Aug Mar 1 – Apr 30
Fall/Winter Aug – Dec Jun 1 – Jul 31